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Tom Cruise Ship

go to sea with Tom Cruise......
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For those who are total addicts, there is The Tom Cruise Ship where every possible feature of all of the movies staring Tom Cruise is built into an ocean spanning journey. This experience includes a variety of stopping off points, where participants can visit actual locations featured in films like the Mission Impossible series.

If you are also a Scientologist, then it's even better again, as The Captain (who just happens to be a Tom Cruise double) will perform audits in his private cabin using the latest E-Meter available.

(note- can we please have more boat sub-categories - warship, cruise ship, passenger steamer, car ferry, cargo boat, etc?)

xenzag, Oct 27 2019


       It needs to be an aircraft carrier for the Top Gun bits.
8th of 7, Oct 27 2019

       I'm sure there can be a short flight deck included.
xenzag, Oct 27 2019

       Where do we race the cars?
RayfordSteele, Oct 27 2019

       I would much perfer a Nicole Kidman Yacht, with the real one there, and we could just lie back, soak up some sun, and talk about her thoughts on her career and movies, loves and her life. I'm a fan. Tom, not so much. Well to be quite frank, since Rainman, not at all.   

       What was that stupid cocktails on the beach bored-a-thon?
blissmiss, Oct 27 2019

       A yacht can easily be facilitated, and deployed in calm ideal water when requested.
xenzag, Oct 27 2019

       // short flight deck //   

       You only need the catapult deck, sized to take a half-scale F-14, like the one T.C. "flies" in the movie ...
8th of 7, Oct 27 2019

       Could we perhaps also have a Sean Connery Red October submarine, capable of torpedoing the Tom Cruise ship?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 27 2019

       With [xen] running the show, you're more likely to end up with K-19 ... or the Kursk ...
8th of 7, Oct 27 2019

       Sounds like a risky business to get into.   

       //you're more likely to end up with K-19 // I'm not sure how an unconvincing robot dog is going to fit into things.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 27 2019

       //With [xen] running the show, you're more likely to end up with K-19//   

       You think so? we just have to hope he's not dyslexic or something as well then, or we might get K-9 instead.
Skewed, Oct 27 2019

       If Tom Cruise was featured, then The Tom Cruise Ship will have it on board.
xenzag, Oct 27 2019

       Made for the pun in the title [-]
Voice, Oct 27 2019

       Always with the negative. What by way of interest would you name the idea of a Tom Cruise themed cruise ship?
xenzag, Oct 27 2019

       Kevin ?
8th of 7, Oct 27 2019

       The question was for mr grumpy negative.
xenzag, Oct 27 2019

       Nah it's obvious init, Boaty Mcboatface..   

       Or Shaun.
Skewed, Oct 27 2019

       //The question was for mr grumpy negative //   

       Yes, that's why we answered, we thought the question was addressed to us.   

       If someone else is outdoing us in grumpiness, negativity, carping, ill-temper and general unpleasantness, we want to know who it is. We will not relinquish our leadership lightly.
8th of 7, Oct 27 2019

       If all the crew were look-a-likes then the cruise could be as an overdose psychological treatment for the Cruise fanatics.
wjt, Oct 27 2019

       I don't have a problem with the title. I have a problem with the idea. You started with the title so the title led to an utterly uninspired idea. Top that, Mr. space zombie.
Voice, Oct 27 2019

       How about a Penelope Cruz Ship?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 27 2019

       //Penelope Cruz Ship//That would work, but wouldn't it really be a pun, this time and poor old voice would go hyper grumpy? No one wants that. Try and keep it cheerful. Time for some people to get audited. Ha
xenzag, Oct 28 2019


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