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Unipedal and tripod airplanes etc

Airplanes with various numbers of appendages
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This is not an echo and even if it is, it's an echo of my own idea and that might be okay.

There are two types of aircraft here.

The first one is a unipedal vehicle like a pogostick with an umbrella on top which hops up and down opening and closing its canopy until it's airborne, then goes horizontal and floops itself towards its destination.

The second is tripedal. It waltzes across an airfield in a rotary manner with ever-increasing rotary speed until it can simply glide with its wing- like bladed legs, then flips over and behaves like a helicopter. This vehicle can in fact have any number of legs/rotors from three upwards.

nineteenthly, Aug 03 2015

Like a pogostick with an umbrella on top https://www.youtube...watch?v=nLxnmm5cn5M
About 13min in. [MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 03 2015]


       //like a pogostick with an umbrella on top which hops up and down opening and closing its canopy until it's airborne//   

       Baked and wkte. See first link - about 13min in.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 03 2015

       The first is probably the most widely known "haha lookit the newbs can't get off the ground".   

       The second needs a bit of 'splainin'. Why does it flip over ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 04 2015

       Didn't know about the first, but not surprised. Thanks.   

       The second flips over because its blades are also its legs. Fewer bits. I think it might just be in one piece and whizz round, come to think of it. Not sure whether it should have passengers at the start but it wouldn't at the end.
nineteenthly, Aug 04 2015


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