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A Flying Houseboat
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Start with a houseboat, attach a large airboat drive, start cruising and then fly a large parachute(such as used on the X-38), or a string of smaller parachutes and throttle up for takeoff. Sip momosas relaxing on the aft deck while cruising at 26mph.

GPS guided parachutes provide some proof that a pilot is not really required other than to select a destination.

Of course gasoline is not available on the amazon so a diesel engine is probably worthwhile.

And if parachutes are too expensive or too boring one could fly a bunch of kites of various configuration until you had enough lift for takeoff.

haywardt, Jun 24 2003

Zoche Engines http://www.zoche.de
Zoche Aero-diesel Two stoke aircraft engine. [haywardt, Oct 17 2004]


       Drunk people, high altitudes. Somehow, they just seem to go together. I want one. Another case where I'm quite sad I have but one flakey treat to donate to a cause. Wonderful start, [hay].
Worldgineer, Jun 25 2003

       Rookie 'baker Hits Grand Slam! Film at 11!
thumbwax, Jun 26 2003

       The parachutes are to allow slow flight, I guess? You would need to be able to lock the rudder and make this thing do slow 2 mile circles on its own, so you could attend to the drinking. I envision this as being popular in Louisiana.
bungston, Jun 26 2003

       [bungston] Why Louisiana? Why not Seattle, where there’s a real need. Last time I was there I noticed that there’s some stupid rule restricting new houseboats in some areas -- just because whole lake surfaces are getting covered up. But you can still land seaplanes -- no problem as long as you dodge the houseboats. So you register your houseboat as a seaplane, see, and by the time they figure out the ruse you’ll be grandfathered in.
pluterday, Jun 26 2003


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