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Unsafe Mortsafe

You know, for dead people who like their privacy.
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A mortsafe is a metal cage that is fitted over the grave of the deceased, to prevent grave robbers digging up the body and selling it to medical schools for research... but I digress.

For the individual concerned that an arch-nemesis might wish to urinate upon his/her grave after death we have come up with an electrified mortsafe, to dissuade such err... "precipitate" action.

A couple of sensors to detect the sounds of urination; maybe one to pick up the presence of urea in the liquid and a shocking realisation descends upon the miscreant micturator.

Also useful to prevent dogs and monkeys performing the same evil deed upon your final resting place.

UnaBubba, Apr 10 2012


       ...and dancing. We must prevent the grave dancing.
Welcome back.

       If you're getting 415 volts up your wedding tackle there is little question whether you'll be dancing.
UnaBubba, Apr 10 2012

       This would require a continuous stream would it not? If one has learned to relieve themselves in pulses it may not work...   

       If you're willing to take that chance with 415 volts of 3-phase power, go ahead...
UnaBubba, Apr 11 2012

       Three phase!? Well, say no more.   

UnaBubba, Apr 11 2012

       //uric acid// sp. urea. Birds excrete uric acid - it's mostly insoluble, and accounts for the white part of their droppings. A human who pi^Hasses uric acid is pretty messed up down there.
spidermother, Apr 11 2012

       Fair enough. I've never actually studied the composition of human urine, I have to admit.
UnaBubba, Apr 11 2012

       study? no. taken? often.
po, Apr 11 2012

       You know me too well, [po].
UnaBubba, Apr 12 2012


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