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Upvoting recommendations

When you upvote something you receive more content of people who upvote the same things so you are placed into cliques.
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I think could solve the content moderation problem.

You get more of what you like.

chronological, May 28 2023


       How is this a new idea? Or a good idea?
pertinax, May 28 2023

       and the idea is to.......?
xenzag, May 28 2023

       The idea is to moderate the website so that it shows your ideas to those who would rather like to see your ideas, and to automatically hide your ideas, at least in the first shot, from those who hate your ideas.
pashute, May 29 2023

       1: Halfbakers are too chaotic; posts from a particular 'baker may or may not be similar in taste. I like ideas, not who posts them.
2: The hb is too small for "cliques" anyway, not that anyone wants them. We want open-ness, not "us & them" mentality.
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 07 2023

       What everyone but [xenzag] said. Sorry xen, but I got the idea.
Voice, Jun 07 2023

       Really, the logic should be that you get shown more ideas from people who downvoted things you upvoted - but also [neutrino]'s second point
hippo, Jun 07 2023

       Maybe the best solution is to leave everything totally unchanged except to put a flashing or scrolling banner along the top of each page saying NEW and TOTALLY REVOLUTIONARY site update: Due to INSANE user demand we are now implenemtning a QUANTUM AI powered filter to make sure YOU get to see only the kind of things that you should be seeing! Check our new motto: YOU GET MORE OF WHAT YOU LIKE, thanks to our NEW and TOTALLY REV.....&ce. &ce.
pocmloc, Jun 07 2023


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