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Variable FPS Physics

Physics based fps
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This may already exist but a cursory google or two didn't bring it out so I will throw it in.

Cartoon physics has always bothered me, not just the old stuff where low fps might be an issue, but even like Toy Story (that is new for me) has f-ed up physics. And it's not THAT the physics is exaggerated for effect, it's that the effect doesn't work for me, and over the years I think I have developed the specs in my head of what would work for me in a cartoon physics so that I would be able to describe it to a software developer who had the chops to change physics, and it would be this: slow down the frame rate for long straight movements and speed it up for short and curley (please no comments from the peanut gallery) movements.

The thing is, cartoonist must know how to exaggerate physics effectively because they, some of them, know the body so well, but maybe the breakdown is in the slowness the process of animation?

I got this while watching a high budget looking current commercial that had two cartoon characters jumping on a bed and the physics was so wrong and bad that it made me wonder why cartoon physics has not been fixed by now. The thing is, you can see that the cartoonists know their stuff - the evidence in this clip was the intricate hand gestures the characters made at the top of their bed bounces -- with artistically curled fingers and cavalierly extended pinkys that show an intuitive grasp of the movement, but the overall physics is still off.

JesusHChrist, Dec 30 2013


       A lot of cartoon physics is different from ours because it takes place in two-dimensional space.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 30 2013


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