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Urban Micro-hound Balls

The ultimate accessory accessory
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The 'must have' accessory for the 'lady' about town these days seems to be the dog of diminutive stature. Unfortunately life for the urban micro-hound is so often full of unexpected and sudden peril -
trodden on by pedestrians; mistakenly terminated as vermin; and most recently, attacked by local council-hired birds of prey.
Enter the Urban Micro-hound Ball. We have them for humans, we have them for hamsters, why not dogs ? Just pick up and carry with the easy pop-out handle when you need to rush for that bus/taxi/subway. No need to continually collect the trail of little blessings; just empty the ball directly into the toilet when you get home. Sold in basic perspex, or with Calvin Klein, Mulberry or Louis Vuitton skins.
nichpo, Aug 13 2003

hamster balls http://www.cartoons.../h/hamster_ball.asp
Like this but for yappy little dogs [nichpo, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Pooch Swoop http://news.bbc.co....mericas/3133971.stm
pwoor wittle fing [nichpo, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Bonsai Kitten hoax http://www.snopes2..../outrage/bonsai.htm
[hazel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       Lemme get this straight.The dog is in the ball, trundling around. The dog does it's business in the ball. The dog continues trundling around in the ball. The ball is only emptied once the owner returns home. Hmmmm....   

       You're going to end up with a very smelly, brown unhappy dog who will need a bath after every "trundlies". Bone, I'm afraid.   

       There are dog coats available for the smaller, yappy type of rat/dog hybrid with handles on the sides. This is because they are allowed in shops/restaurants etc. here but not allowed in lifts on on escalators. They sure do look stoopid with their tiny little paws dangling 2 feet (4 feet?) off the ground.
squeak, Aug 13 2003

       [squeak] maybe when you get home you can connect the shower attatchment and rinse out both dog and ball. Oh and don't call me Lemme.
nichpo, Aug 13 2003

       Yes,[Lemme], I suppose you could. You could just fill the ball with water, add a scoop of Persil and roll it down a slope. Your pooch is going to LOVE you for that.
squeak, Aug 13 2003

       Oh alright [squeak] you win. It was a silly idea dreamt up in a moment of frivolity. However, perhaps one could come up with some mechanism (a little like those cigarette rolling machines) that, driven by the motion of the ball would automatically wrap up the poop and pop it out the back.
I'm going to mark myself for deletion soon.
nichpo, Aug 13 2003

       "Fifi", the yappy, pint-sized mongrel...   

       About $600...   

       Big plastic ball to put "Fifi in when "about town"...   

       About $35...   

       The mental image of "Fifi" running around town in a plastic ball with little turds tumbling violently about... much like the balls in a bingo machine...   


       Unfortunately, I think this dog needs a bone...
X2Entendre, Aug 13 2003

       // just empty the ball directly into the toilet when you get home. //
Whirlaway Fifi, the toilet scrubber...
lurch, Aug 13 2003

       [Mr Burns] What is "crate trained" please? Sounds terrible.
squeak, Aug 14 2003

       The micro-hound is on the grass.
The micro-hound is on the grass.
Remembering games and doggy chains and cat'th.
Got to keep chihuahuas on the path.

The micro-hound is in the ball.
The micro-hounds are in my ball.
The paper holds their folded feces on the floor.
And every day the little dog craps more.
thumbwax, Aug 14 2003

       [thumbwax] Everyone in my office just looked at me as I made a strangled, nasal fnarfing noise, trying not to laugh. You're brilliant, you are.
squeak, Aug 14 2003

       But will it roll??!! Oh wait, wrong idea.
Worldgineer, Aug 14 2003

       [sufc] Bit sick? Its discusting, cruel and evil!
silverstormer, Aug 15 2003

       Sorry, the link has gone now. As a cat owner ( if you can ever own a cat) it was disgusting. In my defence it was a link I found in HB. At first I thought if was a spoof in a Chris Morris style but after just reading it more fully I realise it's not.
sufc, Aug 15 2003

       The Bonsai kitten site is very much a satire page - it's not real. Some people might still feel that it's pushing things a bit far, but a "joke" is what it is. See link.
hazel, Aug 15 2003

       [Mr. Burns]. I've just read your link on crate training. Is this for real? Is this done in the US? I have never, ever heard of it in the UK. Just unbelievably selfish and cruel.
This is caging by another name as you said.
squeak, Aug 18 2003

       Pouch-a-round Co. makers of Micro-hound Balls [tm] would like you to know that we in no way endorse the use of crate training, even for yappy little dogs.
nichpo, Aug 18 2003


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