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Shark-fin snorkel
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I've always found the concept of wearing a shark-fin shaped dorsal appenditure and swimming around the sea in public beaches to be quite a hoot (inspired by homer simpson of course).

Problem with that however, is that you'd run out of air and have to re-surface for a breather. So why not incorporate a snorkel like tube thats cleverly concealed in the fin, and runs up the back of the wanna-be shark, around the neck, and into the mouth. fun

Mind you, it's not too uncommon for coastguard and lifeguard partols to harpoon dangerously close, erraticly behaved sharks.

shinobi, Apr 20 2006

(?) richy www.funtime.com
richy [richy99, Dec 28 2007]


       I saw a cartoon where such a joker met his demise when he unwittingly approached a shark carrying a human-shaped dorsal fin.
phundug, Apr 20 2006

       My freediving boat captain has experimented with a variety of alternative snorkels. It always comes down to simplest is easiest to breath through.   

       Which means no excessive length, no valves, etc.
normzone, Apr 20 2006

       Yeah, I believe they used this in a Jaws movie, however the snorkel was on the outside. Kudos to you for thinking of a more realistic fin.
sab8823, Apr 22 2006


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