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poodle velcro

Device allows lap dogs to stay in your lap (even when there is no lap)
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My toy poodle likes to sleep in my lap when I am working. Unfortunately when I need to get up I have to scoop him up and put him down on the floor, where he waits, sourly, until I sit down again.

A 5" wide belt covered with velcro should be enough to hold up a small dog, which will just ride around stuck to it, and its owner, until the owner sits down again.

Yes, I know it is similar to the Doggy Velcro Seat, although the purpose is different. There is the same problem of getting the dog off it, but perhaps the dog can just wear the belt when not in use attached to a person.

IronyChef, May 08 2007


       [Sticks IC's poodle to ceiling while back turned.]
DrCurry, May 08 2007

       If you are strolling round with a poodle in that position people are sure to wonder how it is 'attached' to its owner.
marklar, May 08 2007

       Welcome to the halfbakery.   

       Only works for unshaved Poodles, but handy nonetheless. Especially when you want to keep them from nipping at the children or running off, just velcro them to a tree. [+]
nuclear hobo, May 08 2007

       I think the poodle will be wondering how it is attached, as well.
IronyChef, May 09 2007

       I wonder, do poodles wonder?
nuclear hobo, May 09 2007

       Perhaps you would not need the pet belt if your puppy's coat were treated with ShamPoodlehooks(tm) shampoo. High strength polymers cause stiffening of the coat, allowing secure attachment to (female) velcro pads without resorting to a doggy belt.   

       I'm afraid GM would be required for Fido's owner to grow velcro belly loops.
csea, May 09 2007

       I wonder how many poodles a person could wear at once?
skinflaps, May 09 2007

m_Al_com, May 09 2007

       //I wonder how many poodles a person could wear at once?//   

       Well, for your average fashion model, probably two teacups and a toy. For the typical mall walking leviathan, three standards and a miniature.
Galbinus_Caeli, May 09 2007

       "Did you see Mrs Jones' daughter the other day, parading about in nothing but a vertical toy poodle, the shame of it".   

       "I know Mildred, I won't let my Carol out the house in anything less than a pair of setters"
marklar, May 09 2007


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