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Urban Tumbleweeds

An urban weed...
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I saw a black plastic bag full of peanuts whimsically making its way down the middle of downtown. These need to be produced en masse, and released in all major citys.
Blumster, May 13 2005


       About a 9/10 on the emotional register. Reality check could be messy.
reensure, May 13 2005

       There is some kind of springtime mating ritual between the loose styrofoam peanuts that flock around the dumpsters, and the empty black or green trashbags that blow around on the highways.   

       I'm working on a theory that it's a symbiotic relationship, kind of like the jellyfish colonies.   

       The one you saw was probably a young adult. At maturity the peanuts and the bag go their seperate ways and return to the wild.
normzone, May 13 2005

       I'm imagining these things going down busy streets of Seattle at rush hour... as if there wasn't enough roadkill around "hey look a tumbleweed! hit it, hit it!"
CombatChuck, May 13 2005


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