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Urinal Sign

Catch all the latest goss while emptying the ole bladder.
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Mounted just above the urinal is one of those led signs that display messages, like at the train station, though this informs you upcoming events at the pub, sports scores, horroscopes, all whizzing past while you are taking a slash. This gives you a focal point for those awkard moments, but would obviously need to be connected to some fancy teletext/system, as well as being quite waterproof...and with added sensors to tell if someone is pissing on it, so it can write back with "Stop pissing on me", surely a huge laugh after 23 pints...
Supercruiser, Nov 21 2002

(?) For a good time http://www.greece.k.../humor/mensroom.htm
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Aim higher http://www.adbuster...toolbox/poster.html
Download this and poster your city, your school, your office... [LoriZ, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Urinal Etiquette Test http://flasharcade.com/game.cgi?urinal
[Helium, Oct 04 2004]


       Unabubba - I will refer you to my adjustable penis nozzle idea for that one.. :)
Supercruiser, Nov 21 2002

       . . . if not a little yellow.
bristolz, Nov 21 2002

       Well, you could use an IR beam grid to move a pointer around the screen, based on the direction of, well, you know, er ....... no, forget I ever mentioned it.
8th of 7, Nov 21 2002

       I once saw a urinal with a thermochromic sign which would appear as one warmed the spot by draining a pint. Sort of along the same line.
Dr Negative, Nov 21 2002

       Or you could go all out and just hold a meeting in the potty itself. That way, you catch the gossip first hand... no pun intended.
flamebroiledgoodness, Nov 21 2002

       Speaking of graffiti...
I've always been partial to, (DON'T EAT THE BIG WHITE MINT), above most pub urinals.

       Yeah, my personal favourite is "Snow White thought 7up was a drink, till she discovered the 7 dwarfs"
Micky Dread, Nov 21 2002

       You get TV screens above urinals in a lot of bars. Is this idea really much different? I'd say it's been baked.
zapped, Nov 22 2002

       I once saw this bit of graffiti on a condom vending machine in a convenience store restroom and thought it pretty comical: "This gum tastes like rubber"
hard-scrabble, Nov 22 2002

       This idea has allready been thought of.
wkd_man, Nov 22 2002

bluto, May 06 2003

       In my first visit to a 'Gasthaus' (Bar restaurant) in Germany, I had to take a 'whiz'. Upon being directed to the 'Toilete' marked Heeren, I was shocked to find men just urinating against the wall. WELL!!! , I immediatly called it to the attention of the haus manager.
bluto, May 07 2003

       How about edible urinal cakes? Calling them "cakes" is misleading, anyway...
oatcake, May 07 2003

       Graffitti, male toilets South Australian School of Art, 1975..........Two adjacent 5 cm squares ..... underneath, the caption read......" Picasso's Balls"...
peter2, May 07 2003

       Since we're already this far off-topic...   

       I was amused and impressed by the housefly that I found baked into the enamel of several urinals in Europe. The urge to try and wash them off was irresistable, causing the stream to hit at the optimal non-splash point!
ian_mackereth, Nov 23 2004

       Rather drunk in London pub - saw someone had scrawled above the urinal "Starships on fire off the shoulder of Orion...". Why do you never see these things when sober?
wagster, Nov 23 2004

       Since we're on the topic of favourite urinal graffiti - writing said 'follow this line', and there's a big squiggly line, going in and out of itself and round and round and round... and then suddenly straight down. At the bottom it said 'you just pissed on your shoes'. Bars that have a blackboard and chalk over the urinals are always good, although the temptation to wash the blackboard is hard to resist...
moomintroll, Nov 23 2004

       Would have to be a QUICK rolling sign unless you've really drunk a lot...at which point, either you might not be able to read it at all (whazzat???) or it might distract you from the business at hand, as it were, leading to squelching shoes.   

       What if it included a Breathalyzer?
ceruleanbill, Nov 24 2004

       are you really gonna put something in a gents toilet in your mouth? ...[edit] please dont answer that.
etherman, Nov 24 2004

       Nope, but surely a nozzle located near the screen could take a whiff of the air around the gent's head? Seriously drunk ( far in excess of legal BA levels) people tend to put out seriously beery aromas. It could pop out a little trap, I mean tray: "PLEASE PUT YOUR CAR KEYS HERE"   

       Probably an entrapment issue, though.
ceruleanbill, Nov 24 2004

       [-] baked. The only reason you don't see it more often is that it's just intrusive and offensive. Can we have no sanctuary from the endless ads?
sophocles, Nov 24 2004


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