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Useless machine timer

Timer switches itself off at the end of the set time period
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The "Most Useless Machine" is a box with a switch on top. When this switch is turned to the "ON" position, the box opens, an arm emerges, flicks the switch to the "OFF" position and retracts inside the box, which closes again.

To the standard Useless Machine™ is added a dial calibrated in minutes. You set the dial, and switch on the machine. It opens, the arm emerges and swings towards the switch and waits, until the set period elapses.

Then with an evil laugh (other sound effects available on request) it completes the movement to kick the switch off and retracts inside the box as in the original.

neelandan, Mar 05 2011

The Most Beautiful Machine http://www.kugelbahn.ch/sesam_e.htm
[Alx_xlA, Mar 05 2011]

Useless Machine http://www.google.c...q=f&aqi=g1&aql=&oq=
multiple links to machines that turn themselves off [xenzag, Mar 05 2011]


       I think you're thinking about "The Most Beautiful Machine." [Link]   

       Also, giving it a timer makes it useful.
Alx_xlA, Mar 05 2011

       There are so many examples of this already in existence that it has to be [marked-for-deletion] - widely known to exist. Sorry [neelandan]
xenzag, Mar 05 2011

       I must protest that none of them wait for the set time period.   

       Or have the evil laugh.
neelandan, Mar 07 2011


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