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User Favourites list

Presenting a user's favourite ideas on their user page
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What would be good would be a mechanism that allowed users to keep a list of "favourites", ideas which they like. If you are logged in and call up an idea page, an "[Add to favourites]" link is shown on the page, possibly next to the voting buttons. (If it is in the favourites list, the link would read "Remove from favourites", of course.)

A user's list of favourites would be shown on their user page, formatted so that it is not mistaken for their own ideas.

acb, Mar 30 2001


       If you want to have any sort of web resource on your user page, just write the URL; it'll get automatically marked up to be clickable (if it looks at all like a URL.) This doesn't work in idea text and annotations, but it does work in user text.   

       The rest, I don't see the point of, for the reasons Rods Tiger already mentions.
jutta, Mar 30 2001

       Though all of the manual alternatives seem like too much hard work. Let's see; you could:   

       1) create a HTML file on your web server and add links by hand   

       2) install a web server on your workstation (assuming it's on the Net permanently) and have a Perl script extract the Halfbakery folder from your Nyetscape bookmarks to a web page, either in a CGI or a cron job   

       3) write a script to make and upload a web page of your Halfbakery bookmarks to your server   

       4) get a weblog and enter them in like any other link If you have a blog already and don't want to dilute the main part with Halfbakery links, you can either set up another one or create a special subsection. Again, rather fiddly.   

       The purpose of a favourites list is <I>not</I> to let you return to your faves, but to showcase which ideas you thought were particularly apt on your user page. This would allow viewers to go from your page to the ideas you linked into your favourites.
acb, Mar 30 2001

       I remember that waugsqueke. See my profile, btw; I very well did include such an idea as I thought was worthy. (of course, I never made it a habit to manually do that every time I read something hilarious, so, alas, now there are disjointed vagueries of memory that have no such links, but it's really not all that much work if I cared to do it each time)
absterge, Mar 30 2001

       We can certainly have 2 lists.   

       1. The ideas that you want to showcase 2. The ideas that you want to review.
artist, Jul 13 2003


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