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Kinky Mattress

Built to not lay flat
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Consider the difference between a "tube sock" and a "crew sock" --the latter has a kink in it; it is supposed to fit the shape of the foot better.

Well, all mattresses that I've ever encountered are built flat. Some are soft and flexible enough so that if the bed frame has a bend in it under the matress, the mattress bends to match the frame.

I'm proposing mattresses that are specially constructed to better fit such bent frames. They are not intended to be flatten-able, any more than a really firm flat mattress is intended to be bend-able.

It should be obvious that such a mattress with a built-in kink (or even more than one kink) could also be firm enough to be appreciated by anyone who likes a firm mattress, and who also likes the physical sleeping position offered by a bent bed frame.

Vernon, Dec 19 2012

Some bent beds that can't work with really firm mattresses http://www.google.c...poHACQ&ved=0CFkQsxg
As described in the main text [Vernon, Dec 19 2012]

For kinky activities Love_20Handles
[normzone, Dec 19 2012]

possible solution - sleep number beds http://www.sleepnum...s/sleep-number-beds
[xandram, Dec 22 2012]

There's a lot of high-tech mattresses nowadays! http://www.easyrest.com/
[AlexzRoss, Jan 16 2015]


       By the way, regarding socks, I prefer the tube type. That's because of the wear-and tear issue. A crew sock can only be worn one way; when the heel develops a hole you either have to get a new sock or dig out the sewing kit to repair it.   

       But a tube sock can be worn in different positions. If it gets a hole in one position, you simply rotate the sock before putting it on (and nobody will see the hole, hidden by the average shoe). It can take a fair amount of time to wear out 4 heel-holes in the sock, at which time you throw it away.   

       You will probably have had to patch the other sock at least twice, to get it to last that same amount of time.   

Vernon, Dec 19 2012

       //It can take a fair amount of time to wear out 4 heel-holes in the sock, at which time you throw it away.// Surely you wind up with a hole visible just behind the tongue of your brogues?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 19 2012

       [MaxwellBuchanan], no, the cloth of a tube-sock bunchs up at that spot, which suffices to hide the hole! :)
Vernon, Dec 20 2012

       [21 Quest], I'm not sure there are permanently kinked bed frames out there. But this Idea is about the mattresses for such beds, not for adjustable frames. OK.
Vernon, Dec 20 2012


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