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V8 flat sided can

Fits nicely against the back of the fridge, where it goes bad
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Every few months, I get on a health kick and buy a big can of V8. I take maybe one drink of it, then leave it in the fridge, where it eventually gets cycled out of use, relegated to the back of the fridge. A few months later, I remember it's there, and throw it out. And the cycle starts anew.

I think that the friendly folks who make the V8 juice should make one side of their can flat, so that it will fit neatly against the back of the fridge, and not waste so much fridge real estate.

bacobit, Mar 22 2001

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iuvare, Mar 22 2001

       For the candor and wit
thumbwax, Mar 22 2001

Wes, Mar 22 2001

       Expand the idea - is there any reason for cans with their own opening mechanism (pop-top, ring-pull, etc.) to be cylindrical? Make them in a shape that tesselates, and my fridge won't be as quickly overrun by my roommates' Diet Cokes.
bookworm, Mar 22 2001

       Vodka and a little Tabasco corrects the problem of leftover V8. No need to change the package, and nicely ends the health kick.
wasraw, Mar 22 2001

       Maybe V8 could make a wafer-thin can with a mouthful of that veg goodness in it for people who buy it but have no intention of drinking it. All the kudos and none of the guilt.
cip, Mar 22 2001

       Yeah, PopTab tuna can would be plenty
thumbwax, Mar 22 2001

       A flat sided can is more suggestive of an inline engine block. A V8 can should be "V" shaped.
LoriZ, Sep 05 2001


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