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Clean the lint trap painlessly
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Whenever I clean the lint trap in my clothes dryer, no matter how careful I am, a bunch of it ends up flying around and falling on the floor. So next time I vacuum, I have to remember to include the area around the machine to finish the job.

Why not remove a step?

Design a dryer with a conveniently located port that is just the size of a vacuum cleaner hose. When you are not actively vacuuming elsewhere, leave the vacuum near your dryer and plugged in, with the attachment hose inserted into this port.

To clear the lint trap, just turn on the vacuum and press a lever to slide an agitator along the lint screen. Boom, off goes the lint into your vacuum bag with the rest of the dust.

In a home with a central vacuuming system, the whole thing could be integrated with a permanent hose attachment and a single button.

krelnik, May 11 2004


FarmerJohn, May 11 2004

       I don't have that problem. I always wait until the lint makes a nice solid piece of felt that I can put to good use.
kbecker, May 11 2004


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