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pet hair removing machine

Get rid of pet fur stuck to clothes
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I have seen hand held pet hair rollers. I was thinking of a big machine to do that. First, there is an infeed slot that has a neoporene covveyor roller to pull the article of clothing in. Then, the machine has two wide adhesive rollers that have replacable adhesive tape. One roller on top and one on the bottom like on a hydrolic press. After passing through the rollers, there is a 360 degree suction space that you hook up to a shopvac to remove loose vacuumable furs. After this, the t-shirt, pants, or whatever comes out of the outfeed slot sparkling clean without fur of any kind. The one problem is that you would have to replace the adhesive tape a lot. Other than that, it would be a great device to have.
non-eatable, Aug 13 2002

(?) Nipping this problem in the bud http://www.homedics...gory.cfm?subcat=121
From HoMedics. [calum, Aug 13 2002]


       "emoving"? Is this some kind of web-enabled solution?
sild, Aug 13 2002

       was supposed to say REmoving but there was a typo. Ill change that now
non-eatable, Aug 13 2002

sild, Aug 13 2002

       Simply shave your pet bald in the garden every few days. Mr Bigglesworth!
pmillerchip, Aug 13 2002

       my cat has hair that is two tone black and white, on black shirts you see the white bit on white shirts you see the black bit, damn annoying.
Gulherme, Aug 13 2002

       Welcome to the wonderful world that is cat. If you had a black-and-white shirt, the cat would shed ginger hair on it.
angel, Aug 13 2002

       Aw, c'mon, there's no way in hell this device would work. The rollers would stick to each other and that would be the end of it.   

       Even if you came up with some magic way of stopping that from happening, most clothes require two or three passes in several different directions to remove cat hairs.   

       Big, stinky fishbone.
DrCurry, Aug 13 2002

       Didn't we once have an idea for 'giant lint rollers at the door' to do the same thing? Sort of a human car wash. Can't find it now. Anyway, it might be easier to get a pet-door vacuum.
phoenix, Aug 13 2002

       Big machine. Convenient to carry everywhere, I assume?
Mr Burns, Aug 13 2002

       the motor that drives the rollers is more powerful than the adhesive. 1/2 horsepower. They wont be stuck for long.
non-eatable, Aug 13 2002

       get home, remove clothes. dress pets in close fitting all over clothes - those little babygrows would be nice. sorted!
po, Aug 13 2002

       pmillerchip: Exactly.   

       One could just feed the cat into the machine. With a sufficently powerful motor (50kW) and and sufficiently small gap between the rollers (10 - 15 mm) the results would be entirely satisfactory.
8th of 7, Aug 14 2002

       7/8 - you could even fax it at the same time
thumbwax, Aug 14 2002

       Carpet tape seems to work. Hope it doesn't wreck my aubusson rug. Glen.   

       P.S. Does anyone else have creative solutions that are cheap and require little time? Or tips on clipping your own cat? Cheers. Contact: saxtones@hotmail.com
gswood, Apr 03 2004

       Hairballs - they are o0rganic and natural!
popbottle, May 12 2017

       //tips on clipping your own cat?//   

       The person you need to talk to, quite urgently, is [8th]. He has an unlimitless list of ways to clip cats.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 13 2017


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