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Vacuum-sealed CD cartridges

Evacuable carts for high-kitsch efficiency
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Certainly most computer users of any stripes remember loading CDs into cartridges and in turn loading the cartridges into the drive. Same thing, but if the cartridges were ~sealed and there were a way to (continually) evacuate air from immediately around the disc, it would spin more easily. The difference would be most notable at higher speeds, once the motor isn't working so hard just to overcome inertia.

This is likely just expensive and not terribly useful, but it may be nicer to listen to a hiss instead of a whine, and it may increase motor life.

absterge, Jul 08 2004


       Not really necessary. But not an unworkable idea, and it has some advantages. [+-]
5th Earth, Jul 08 2004

       Yes, but that laser light heats the disc up and now it has no where to dump the heat. Also, if the disc is already spinning, inertia is already overcome.   

       I'd say _over-pressurize_ the cartridge to keep dust out.
phoenix, Jul 08 2004

       Is the heat significant? That might be a concern if less air could lead to distorting the substrate. Might different colors of laser light convert to different amouts of heat?   

       As far as the intertia thing, I was speaking specifically about the initial spin-up. (Kind of like driving; at lower speeds, inertia is your primary obstacle, but at higher speeds more resistance comes from friction with the air) Over pressurizing would create more friction, = more drag, especially at higher speeds.
absterge, Jul 08 2004

       l3lackEyedAngels: an aerodynamic coating might not be the best... remember that the dimples on golf balls actually make them fly farther because it breaks up the boundary layer.   

       what I've read is that, like a blender, all the air inside the CD chamber starts spinning around along with the disk, so if anything maybe try to make the inside of the housing a little more aerodynamic.   

       in the end, you have my qualified assurance that a vacuum pump requires much more energy, noise, and startup time than the act of spinning a small plastic disk.
musicator, Jul 08 2004

       "Is the heat significant?"
I doubt it, I was being silly. I'd guess this isn't so much a bad idea, but one of those where the effort going into it isn't returned.
phoenix, Jul 09 2004

       Hm. Yeah, ok, I know the return is disproportionate to the effort involved. (Have you seen any of my other ideas? It's a common theme.)   

       At any rate, not a very good idea in the end. [m-f-d]
absterge, Jul 12 2004

       Yes, but you need to spell it out.
angel, Jul 13 2004

       A) Don't delete it (unless you really, really want to). It's not bad, just wrong.
B) Get that freelunch.org site up.
phoenix, Jul 13 2004


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