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Vacuum cleaner tube with integral brush

(nope, nothing to do with calculus)
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When vacuuming, you sometimes take off the big, wide attachment which you usse for doing big, flat areas of floor, and attach the little round brush so that you can do picture rails, between bannisters, etc.
This idea is simply that the long tube these attachments fit onto should already have a little round brush attached to it, and then the big wide brush would just fit on top of it - this would save a few brush changing actions and also the scratched paintwork which results when you can't be bothered to put the little brush on but just use the tube on its own. Ooh, it makes me cross!
hippo, Mar 25 2003


       I like the idea. I invision something like the multi bit screw drivers...the tube or nozzel has about three internal compartments that house extendable brushes of various shapes. If the right fibers were used for the bristles, the fibers could fold as the brush was extended or retracted. In fact, I love this idea. BB
Blisterbob, Mar 20 2007

       Only took 4 years for someone to annotate this idea...
hippo, Mar 20 2007


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