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Vacuum cleaner safety release

Safety release and EZ power switch for upright vacuum cleaners
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The power switch on my upright vacuum cleaner is an inconvenient little foot switch that's hard to reach in emergencies, like when I accidentally vacuum up rug fringe, the cat's tail, etc. If the vacuum had a quick release on the handle, like lawnmowers have, I could cut power instantly.

While we're at it, put the power switch on the handle so I don't have to hit the foot switch to turn the thing on, either. With these little conveniences, maybe I wouldn't go 6 months between cleanings.

The quick release handle could be bypassed or disabled if I wanted to use the hose attachments.

luxlucet, Jan 12 2005

Trigger switch http://www.tycoelec...prodnews.asp?id=449
Pull the trigger. [Coal Drag, Jan 12 2005]


       I hate the little foot switch thingies.   

       By the way, I have a Hoover Wind Tunnel, a very common vacuum cleaner; it and many others have the switch on the handle. Also by the way, it doesn't help much with emergency shutoffs.   

half, Jan 12 2005

       How about a type of trigger switch? Power is proportional to trigger position and there is a locking mechanism. Please see the link.
Coal Drag, Jan 12 2005

       sorry, but [-] since if you have a "quick release" switch (ala lawnmower), then it wouldn't allow you to let go of the handle while you use the hose & attachements (instead of the handle). And there are already switches on handles (on mine even).
sophocles, Jan 13 2005

       "wouldn't allow you to let go of the handle while you use the hose & attachements "...unless you also included in a switch or mechanism that would allow it run hands free while the hose was attached.
half, Jan 13 2005

       ah / ok. bone removed then
sophocles, Jan 17 2005

       Good plan. Just like drills - a trigger to make it go and a button next to the trigger that locks the trigger on.
wagster, Jan 17 2005

       Oh yeah. Like [Coal Drag]'s link.
wagster, Jan 17 2005


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