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Van De Grrruff toys

Static defenders.
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Given to a child as a guardian to protect their room against entry by siblings, (or the boogey man), a stuffed animal, (let's say a lion), houses a small Van De Graff generator in its belly with the metal sphere in its head, and a motion sensor in its mouth.
The sensor activates the generators motor and a few other sound and movement gizmo's, so when someone gets too close, the critters’ upper lip curls, the eyebrows frown, a growl emanates from the hidden speaker and the hackles stand on end from the static electricity.
Anyone not familiar with the toy will surely be frightened out of their wits, but for the staunch few who dare to try and remove the guardian are in for a nasty shock.
Friends of the stuffed animal know that a touch of the grounded "magic wand" will calm the beast. The frown turns upside down, the hackles lower and that growl becomes a purr.
The child can now safely snuggle their pet.


       shouldnt scare an owner too young to touch the magic wand..
sridhar236, Feb 08 2005

       PH34R tEh PHYZZ1X!!!11!
Detly, Feb 08 2005

david_scothern, Feb 08 2005

Detly, Feb 08 2005

       Fear the physics eleven?   

       They certainly will.
Detly, Feb 08 2005

       Hmmm...Define they.   

       They: The third person, nominative case, usually plural, but sometimes used in the singular when the gender is unknown or irrelevant. (Objective case: them, possessive: their, possessive noun; theirs, reflexive: themselves [plural], themself [singular].)   

       1. The third person plural they refers to a group of others.   

       Fred and Jane? They just arrived.   

       2. The third person singular they refers to a single person of unknown or irrelevant gender.   

       Have you ever seen someone while they are on their deathbed?   

       3. An indefinite pronoun having a vague meaning of "people" or "some people".   

       They say it’s a good place to live.
dbmag9, Jan 28 2006


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