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Variable Mass Mouse

Change mass of mouse "on the fly"
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Logitech, Inc, longtime innovator in the mouse arena, have announced a mouse with a "weight -tuning system" with 16 mini-weights of 4.5 and 1.7 grams. [link]

This is in order that gamers and others may customize the mass and feel of the mouse to optimize the gaming experience.

I propose that the discrete weights be replaced by a fluid reservior and pump in the PC, suitable tubing alongside the USB cable, and an elastic reservoir (balloon) in the mouse itself.

By setup menu, the user could adjust the default MassofMouse (MoM) to an agreeable value, or for additional challenges, go haptic and get the PC / game to adjust for you!

csea, Jan 05 2006

Adjustable Mass Mouse http://www.logitech...142,CONTENTID=10715
Finetune mouse mass for that extra edge in gaming [csea, Jan 05 2006]


       [+]. Are keyboards also adjustable, not only for weight but key resistance?
normzone, Jan 05 2006

       So yours would be a Dynamically Variable Mass Mouse.
half, Jan 05 2006

       [nz] - I haven't seen even statically variable keyboards. The same fluid technology could be applied to keyboards - might feel like typing in mollasses?   

       [half] Or "DVM" mouse, "Vet" for short...
csea, Jan 05 2006

       What will you do if your mouse achieves the ability to transfrer its center of mass?
Zimmy, Jan 07 2006

       If there was a feedback loop from Windows to a small brake against the ball (e.g. an electromagnet) you could easily have a mouse that slows-down when near a button or slider.   

       Hey! My mouse just self gravitated! Why do my fingers look so stringy?
Dub, Jan 07 2006

       [Ian], mice have been battling in the arena since the G[r]eeks or was it Romans put lions with Christians. It's only recently that the wider world became aware.   

       [Zimmy] It's quite possible that a liquid-pumpable mouse could alter its center of mass. Ths combined with [Dub]'s notion of a brake (I'd prefer to do this with a dc electromagnet and aluminum mousepad, counting on eddy currents to do the braking) could cause the mouse to move arbitrarily (OK I was kidding about actual "on the fly" aerial motion ;) )   

       It would be kind of cool to see the mouse actually controlled by the PC, instead of the other way around!
csea, Jan 07 2006

       Yeah, hackers think so too.
Cuit_au_Four, Jan 08 2006

       A virus might infect your pc and permanently set your mouse to the maximum weight.
Mr Phase, Jan 08 2006

       ... and destroying the creator of the virus. See? It all works out in the end.
roleohibachi, Jan 08 2006


       Fair enough, makes sense to me...
Mr Phase, Jan 08 2006

       //...causing a black hole.//   

       Or a black mole.
Minimal, Jan 09 2006

       the clear promise of this invention is in the cyber sex area. Perhaps you can get them to be early adopters
theircompetitor, Jan 09 2006


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