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Variable Yield Round

A compromise load for the Fail Dangerous Smart Gun
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[Disclaimer: I know next to nothing about guns, as you can probably tell. I'm sure the better-educated will point out my mistakes.]

A conventional round starts with the primer, which is the bit that goes bang when the bit of gun hits it. This then makes the powder go bang, which makes the bit of metal go forwards really, really quickly.

There are centrefire rounds, where the bangy bit is in the middle, and rim-fire rounds, where the bangy bit is at the edge.

Let's make a round that's both centrefire and rimfire, with a metal tube dividing the bangy-powder into a central cylinder ignited by a centrefire primer, and an outer annulus ignited by a rimfire primer.

The annulus will contain more powder. Let's place the tube so that there's twice as much powder outside it as inside it.

Now, let's fire this round from a gun that has two hitty bits, one in the centre and one on the rim. Clearly, this means the bullet can achieve three different levels of quickly-going-forwardsness!

Wrongfellow, Jan 13 2017

Fail Dangerous Smart Gun Fail_20Dangerous_20Smart_20Gun
Perhaps it doesn't have to be all-or-nothing. [Wrongfellow, Jan 13 2017]

Platform for the variable yield round Cat_20food_20can_20shotgun
[normzone, Jan 13 2017]


       Generally speaking, when a sentence begins with " Clearly ", I know I'm about to be led astray.
normzone, Jan 13 2017

       So, you've got two charges of powder, divided by a wall inside the cartridge. Is it remotely possible that firing one of the charges will fail to set off the other?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 13 2017

       "Let's place the tube so that there's twice as much beer in my glass as in yours..."
Wrongfellow, Jan 13 2017

       Clearly, an easyish way is to have a barrel with ports, for full power all the ports are shut, for medium power half of them are open etc.   

       I think this would work best with caseless, then ports over the firing chamber would bleed off pressure at source?
not_morrison_rm, Jan 13 2017

       We could ask [Alterother] to perform some validation for us. I wonder how he and the Good Fairy Jenny are doing ...
normzone, Jan 13 2017


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