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Vaulted and Shingled Roofs on Your Cars

Service to change normal roof to one vaulted and shingled
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This idea first occurred to me when I had realized that no matter how nice the car or the house whose garage the car pulled into every night, the two never quite seemed to complement one another. Then it hit me. The problem was with the great disparity between automobile and residential roofing. If only we modified either the covering of the house to conform to that of the car or vice versa, this predicament could be resolved. In these considerations, my preference had settled on the latter as the former would pose dangers in allowing for water to build up on top of the house.
Babyhead, Jun 16 2004

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Picture of a weather-boarded and shingled car http://www.mitchell...o.uk/weirdcars.html
[engineer1, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Umm, ugly?   

       Nah, that doesn't describe it properly. Cars shouldn't have shingle roofs.   

       I have to give it a fishbone.   

DesertFox, Jun 16 2004


       I think this may beat the 100,000 Gallon Restaurant for strangest idea in the HB.
5th Earth, Jun 16 2004

       100,000 gallon, I think.
DesertFox, Jun 16 2004

       just now edited to fix it.
5th Earth, Jun 16 2004


       I don't get it. I'm concerning myself with ridiculousness, and you're all of a sudden going into aesthetics?   

       I don't know about this surpassing the 100,000 Gallon Restaurant. If I based a few of my upcoming posts on my dreams, then perhaps one of those would end up being the oddest.
Babyhead, Jun 16 2004

       well they had those wood panel station wagons, maybe the shingles would complement that. (+)
xclamp, Jun 16 2004

       I want my car covered in shark skin imitation for low drag. Then I would build a matching house looking like a shark aquarium; well upside down so the bottom becomes the roof and is waterproof.
kbecker, Jun 16 2004

       Chimney and weather vane included? (+) as long as I don't have to clean out the gutters.
luecke, Jun 17 2004

       a satelite dish and one of those whirly round washing lines out the back.
etherman, Jun 17 2004

       Baked by the wacky racers?
Ling, Jun 18 2004

       Experience Music Project in Seattle looks kind of like a silver curvy aerodynamic car with extra blobs. Many cars parking there would match, and I like your idea of finding aesthetic harmony between cars and dwellings.
beanangel, Nov 18 2018


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