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Vehicle Eco Display

Be smug in your economic bubble.
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With ever increasing petrol/gas prices I'm becoming more and more aware of my driving style. However the more I try to increase my MPG the more frustrated I get at the bully tactics of other motorists.
I'd like to be able to display my MPG to people behind me, and indicate that I'm attempting to drive economically. So they know that tailgating isn't going to make me go any faster, and perhaps make them think about their own MPG. This way they know that the best course of action would be to either overtake or drop back and enjoy the view.
MPG figures, speed and perhaps GPS coordinates could be stored into memory of the system so you can analyse your journey and economy to help improve in the future.
silverstormer, Aug 15 2008


       Can we design the system so your display can get some feedback from the distributed processing of all your traffic neighbors?   

       That way you (and your neighbors) could see something like [I am currently preventing the -17- vehicles behind me from reaching the posted speed limit]
normzone, Aug 15 2008

       Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm attempting to be more frugal with my MPG. I'm not about to advocate the annoyance that is under-speeding motorists. Quite frankly, I find it a dangerous and selfish use of the roads; I've adapted to a smooth driving style.
Using careful observation of the road ahead so I can ease off the speed and try to maintain momentum. Corners don't need to be an excuse to dip below the speed limit unnecessarily and the odd burst of acceleration to join a busy road isn't going to effect your average MPG too much.
It's more a way to encourage the awareness of polite motoring and to show that a difference can be made to your motoring costs by simple changes of habit and a little bit of thought.
silverstormer, Aug 15 2008


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