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Vending machine truck

Coffee, chocolate, drink vending
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A truck with a large supply and stock with a vending machine at the side. Can select what item is wanted from a digital display or app.

Can get bean to cup coffee, chocolate bars, drink, snack vending, burgers cooked by microwave.

chronological, Feb 17 2020

Roach Coach http://1.bp.blogspo...00/Roach+Coach2.JPG
[Voice, Feb 17 2020]


       Well, as Voice pointed out they do have these and since there's a person that has to drive it anyway they can better serve any customers.   

       Now make this be an unmanned self driving car and you might have something.
doctorremulac3, Feb 17 2020

       The "unmanned self-driving" aspect is a halfway house to that old favourite "physical internet".   

       It depends where you choose to place the various aspects of the service. Is it a "warehouse" system with "thin" distributors (i.e. drones delivering single items) or a "heavier" system where a vehicle carrying multiple options delivers the service at the user point ?   

       Hot food is an interesting case. The equipment to cook pizza tends to be bulky and energy demanding, so mobile pizza vans serving fresh pizza are very rare. But burgers, hot dogs, popcorn, and similar foods can be rapidly prepared to an acceptable standard using limited facilities.   

       The big players in the convenience food field are looking very, very hard at the available business models, as the first one to get it right will make a lot of money. The problem is keeping out me-too competitors if the technology is merely a simple rearrangement of existing systems.   

       A van carrying a selection of cook-chill food and some microwave ovens, that can deliver a hot meal to your door via a phone app is very bakeable. The same vehicle can carry complementary stocks of longer lived products - bakery, fruit, confectionery - for no cost penalty.
8th of 7, Feb 17 2020

       +. I don't see the vending machine in voice's link   

       Improvement: Vending machine car carrier. Tiny cars serve as vending machines replenishing and taken distances in the car- carrier truck.
pashute, Feb 20 2020


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