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venison made of tofu
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For vegetarians who crave venison.
mrthingy, Dec 27 2001

Tofudebeest http://www.vegetus.org/vegtoon/tofu.htm
Obnoxious health antelopes [friendlyfire, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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reensure, Dec 27 2001

       I crave meat
po, Dec 27 2001

       love the name. great pun.
wess, Dec 28 2001

       Are you a vegetarian, po?
bristolz, Dec 28 2001

       The problem with phony meat is that it usually tastes like phony meat. If one must eat tofu, why not quit pretending it's meat? :)   

       And I wouldn't want to eat venison anyway. >:p
arghblah, Dec 28 2001

       I think that most things don't taste like chicken, but maybe I'm being really naïve . . . . Maybe well-developed taste-buds discern many things to taste as chicken does. I have yet to join those rarified gourmand ranks. I think that rattlesnake tastes completely unlike the chicken it is alledged to taste like, for example.
bristolz, Dec 28 2001

       Rich doesn't begin to describe Venison Ribs. Ever had a Beefalo Burger? Yummy
thumbwax, Dec 28 2001

       Hey! This is a family show here, keep it clean!   

       She means 'fresh roadkill'.
StarChaser, Dec 29 2001

       Oops...I've heard roadkilled deer referred to as 'speed beef' or '-meat'...
StarChaser, Dec 29 2001

       As a person who has tried neither venison nor tofu I don't see the point.
Helium, Dec 29 2001

       I don't think you are missing much. Venison does make nice breakfast steaks, I guess. Tofu can just go away for all I care.
bristolz, Dec 29 2001

       Damn right! My office-co-resident insists on having the window open at all times, despite sub-zero temperatures and howling gales.
Closer to topic, we've had the whole 'tastes like meat but is actually tofu / quorn / drywall-insulation / some-other-tasteless-mush' debate. It comes down to why a person decides to be vegetarian, and how concerned he is to taste what he eschews.
Slightly further from topic, the [angel] family again had venison for Christmas lunch as is our habit, and continue to be happy with it.
angel, Jan 02 2002

       Venisoy might work! Definetly not baked yet anyway!!! Croissant for this one.
Turkish, Jan 12 2002

       Breakfast steaks? Is steak for breakfast an american thing? Seems an odd thing to have for breakfast anyway. We had a home made venison and kidney pudding with wild mushrooms. Don't think it would have been the same with Venisoy. (Plus the damn stuff makes you grow boobs!)
dare99, Jun 18 2002

       Why mess about ? Meat substitutes are just hypocritical. If you want meat, eat meat. Don't waste time and energy converting something else.   

       Having said that, Quorn is pretty good actually .... oh, and I actually like Tofu. But i prefer real venison.
8th of 7, Jun 18 2002

       Hmmm, but venison - or at least that which has been hung for the requisite length of time- has a very distinct and strong flavour - would it be possible to recreate this in a soya version? The only meat-substiute type meal I've ever had is Beanfeast, and, let me tell you, that tastes *nothing* like real mince. Thank God I'm not a student any more. <shudder>
salachair, Jun 18 2002

       How about chicken which tastes like eggplant? Or ham which tastes like ratatouille? Oh, okay then.
gizmo_man, Jun 19 2002

       Venisoy, oh deer.   


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