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tofu detector

dont let them slip tofu into your meal
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small portable device (vacume cleaner size) that can detect soy products through a rather small nozzle. soy products are rampant, test your food before you eat it.
monty, Sep 17 2000

Tofudebeest http://www.uni-ulm....ide/tofudebeest.gif
Gary Larson would probably buy one if this cartoon is any indication. [RobRoy, Jan 18 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I dunno, might be a tape of Liberace. <grin!>
StarChaser, Sep 18 2000

       My first reaction to this is that it was a stupid idea. I mean, there's nothing wrong with soybeans. But apparently it's a fairly common allergy, so the idea isn't as stupid as it sounds.
baf, Jan 29 2001

       As a person with many many allergies, I don't like the idea of tricking people into eating something they otherwise wouldn't. I thought vegetarians/vegans were so because of ethical reasons. I'm in favour of the tofu detector.
wannalearn, Jan 17 2002

       I like it! Have a croissant (but you'd better get busy developing your detector; there's no telling what's inside).   

       I personally only eat free-range tofu. The way they process the poor critters at the tofu abbatoirs is horrifying...
snarfyguy, Jan 17 2002

       Right on, Monty! That soy crap is packed with female plant hormones.   

       No sprouting breasts for me!
seal, Jan 18 2002

       Was that sprouting breasts or breasts like sprouts?
RobRoy, Jan 18 2002

       If the point is just to avoid Tofu because of the taste... too bad! I mean it just tastes like nothing. If an allergy is the problem, I'm very sympathetic though. But wouldn't it just be safer to avoid the relevent types of food entirely? I mean Soy is used in everything, in most Asian cuisine, for example.
spaceman_spiff, Jan 18 2002

       Neither taste nor allergy is the issue with me, spaceman spiff. Rather, I don't want a product used in lieu of hormone replacement therapy for post-menapausal women put into my masculine body.   

       Hence, the "no sprouting breasts for me!" comment.
seal, Jan 18 2002

       Hey, what is this doing in the vegetarianism category? Omnivores can and do eat tofu, too.
rebekkahshiri, Jan 23 2002


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