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Versioning Pea Hen

Because 2.0 isn't
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In the media, promotions and elsewhere, when they need to communicate a renewed effort, or an improvement of some kind, the decimal number 2.0 is appended. Disney gets a new CEO? "Disney 2.0" etc etc.

The idea was to leverage the excitement of the burgeoining home computer movement and internet to marketing or commentator goals. while this might have imparted a flavor of actual excitement and newness the first time not was used, it is now equivalent to appending "electric boogaloo" to the end of the thing.

Meanwhile, software versioning has moved on to a kooky, hip, animal centered versioning system. OSX panther, tiger, leopard, Lion, or Ubuntu Precise Pangolin etc.

So imagine instead of "Republicanism 2.0" you had "Republicanism Wooly Mammoth". Or instead of "Toryism 2.0" you had "Toryism Hornworm".

It probably won't get anyone excited about anything, but it will give commentators a new way to establish their vacuousness.

Meanwhile software will go back to the now "retro" 2.0 versioning, along with apple going back to yellowing beige with brown keys, and a rainbow logo.

fishboner, May 29 2013


       God Borrowed Time [+]
4and20, May 29 2013

       //Borrowed Time//   

       That's good. I actually came up with this while thinking of My invention "Actual Atheism".   

       Like apple's decision to begin marketing their OS as an OS, thus reinforcing the myth that they are the be all end all operating system, a religion should market itself as "Belief System" or BS. Then they could have BS1, BS2, BS3 etc. on top of, or in the background of the animal names. This has the added benefit of making it harder for everyone to identify their BS on Internet forums in order to troubleshoot it on their own.   

       "Mom, what BS are we on?" "We are BS Luscious Lady Bug" "No I mean what number..." "I don't know. Ask your dad."   

       Religious leaders can use the added obfuscation to explain away hard questions.   

       "Well in earlier BS'es, we saw that there were a lot of questions and issues with assumption, so in Luscious Lady Bug, we emphasize the incarnation more. As to what BS number you are on, I cannot say, but Sanguine Penguin is the oldest version we still support."
fishboner, May 29 2013

       No [bigsleep], just assign a GUID to each product/version/idea/belief system/company/person and be done with it...   

       "Hey, I just picked up the new {3F2504E0- 4F89-11D3-9A0C- 0305E82C3301}"   

       "That's not new. It's been out over a month. They released {2F1E4FC0- 81FD-11DA-9156- 00036A0F876A} two days ago."   

       "What? I thought {3F2504E0- 4F89-11D3-9A0C- 0305E82C3301} was newer than {2F1E4FC0- 81FD-11DA-9156- 00036A0F876A}. I guess I'll have to get that version."   

       Actually I'd recommend "{0657FD6D- A4AB-43C4-84E5- 0933C84B4F4F}". It's older, but {38A52BE4- 9352-453E-AF97- 5C3B448652F0} makes better software than {21EC2020- 3AEA-1039-A2DD- 08002B30309D}."   

       "Hey I've got to run, should we grab lunch sometime at {0F78212A- 17F3-4067-AFCD- 08002B305D2C}?"   

       "Sure, see you later {317C2320- 3A3A-1069-A2DD- 08002B302195}. "   

       See: so much more precise and less confusing...
scad mientist, May 30 2013

       THe original use case for applying computer versioning systems in promotions was that there was a sense of excitement around them. PR firms need to look at what is exciting at the moment, and adopt take versioning nomenclature from there.   

       So let's try that now.   

       What is the big exciting thing of today in the same way computers and the internet were in the 90s when it might have been clever to say "Sex 2.0"?   

       This is no easy task since before capturing the popular imagination, most technologies spend a few decades of development mostly in the public sector, and in that funny part of the private sector where the government is almost your only client.   

       What is about to leave this realm and enter the realm of popular phenomena? Could it be Genetic engineering? What is the analogue to a versioning system in genetic engineering?   

       Any other ripe realms?   

       Suppose we delve into the un-mined past of versioning? Remember the old "Mark One" Mark Two" system?
fishboner, May 31 2013

       [21Q] brilliant.   

       In general, depth is a wonderful analogy for development indicating that the product is becoming more itself with each new phase. What's nice about Mark Twain, is you could use it for the twelfth iteration, and only at that point would anyone know it was a depth analogy all along.   

       In other words, if you are a marketing strategist looking to wow a company who is seeking an identity makeover, and especially if they already use the Mark system, and they or close to twelve, you could really make an impression with this. After Mark Twain it becomes a versioning relational parlour game. Mark Twain, to Kurt Vonnegut (aka, atheist, humanist, humorist American author with big hair). From there, it could go to one of his autobiographical characters, by the same rule as the last iteration, and so on and so on.
fishboner, Jun 03 2013


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