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Vertical airport

High rising building with "antenna" people receivers
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Every city will have a tall building with antenna like protruding "aircar" receiver shafts. Once the aircars are connected to the antenna like shafts they are lead down and into the airport building where the passengers with their luggage and documents are checked and released.

The conventional aircraft will receive fueling from an air tanker as it approaches the city, so that it can stay at the heights without ever approaching close to the town itself.

It will then be escorted by small "air cars" - ultralight quadcopters that attach to the plane's side, and allow the passengers to move off to these. The luggage will be automatically removed to similar "air cars".

The air cars then act as elevators, taking the passengers down to the "airport" connecting to the "shafts" and then taken in.

A similar process is used for departing flights.

A staff changing procedure will be in place so that the aircraft does not need to land.

The plane would land on air craft carriers far off at sea for maintenance. These can be made as a luxurious ship, so the staff that brought the plane in for maintenance can enjoy the stay.

pashute, Jul 15 2015


       I can't tell which of us is drunk.
Voice, Jul 15 2015

       Deliberately and routinely exposing aircraft to salt-air, over seawater, is generally not a good idea.
Vernon, Jul 15 2015

       //I can't tell which of us is drunk.//   

MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 15 2015

       Would you care to share your inspiration or what problem you are trying to solve? I didn't know there was such a large downside to planes landing that it might be worth this much effort. And while I could see avoiding highly populated areas for scheduled maintenance landings, it seems like it would be a lot cheaper to use remote areas on land rather than giant air craft carriers.
scad mientist, Jul 15 2015

       The sea part is a side remark. The idea is basically to keep the planes, with their noise away from the population, and to free large areas of the city from the need of having a landing strip.
pashute, Jul 20 2015

       //Deliberately and routinely exposing aircraft to salt-air, over seawater, is generally not a good idea.//   

       Which is why that whole aircraft carrier thing never really took off (so to speak).
ytk, Jul 21 2015

       I'm thinking two spinning disks on one axle.   

       Disk 1 - At the outer edge it will be travelling it will be at about the speed of the plane is trying to land at. Big magnetic (or just using lots of bluetack) clamps drag the plane towards the centre which is obviously moving much more slowly.   

       Disk 2 - is lower, it is the take-off one, and the plane is lightly dropped onto a point near the centre of the disk where it gradually creeps towards the outer edge of the disk, gathering speed.   

       The outer edge of disk is poised over a tank full of alligators and jihadists (armed only with staple removers). This is to ensure total concentration on the part of the pontius.   

       By gearing disk 1 and 2 together it should be able to save some of the energy involved.   

       NB still waiting for previous Nobel Prize...they said it went recorded delivery, but that ages ago.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 21 2015


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