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Very large coathangers as a defensive barrier

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Anyone who has ever owned more than one coat hanger, will know they are a bugger when they get tangled together.

I propose very large coat hangers, 1 metre across the long bit made of 1 inch iron rod.

They are best deployed laid flat, in a random-ish heap...let's see how the T90 copes with it...

not_morrison_rm, Sep 28 2016


       shhhh don't mention this to Trump.
po, Sep 29 2016

       We won't. He doesn't care for flat things.
RayfordSteele, Sep 29 2016

po, Sep 30 2016

       This is, if I may say so, an excellent idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 30 2016

       throw-and-forget Velcro barriers. I like it.
Voice, Oct 01 2016

       Throw a few welding cables into the heap.   

       (My pa used to claim he'd feel safer jumping out of an airplane with an armload of welding cables than with a parachute - because the parachute might fail, but the welding cables would, with absolute certainty, tangle up on something before you got any appreciable distance.)
lurch, Oct 02 2016

       ^ (+)   

       Brilliant idea, Indeedy.
blissmiss, Oct 03 2016

       [lurch] as a friend of mine posted on fb yesterday "if at first you don't succeed, then sky diving is not for you"
po, Oct 08 2016


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