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Trojan "George Bush" Anthrax piñatas

Only 18 shopping days left til Ramadan
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Send the perfect Ramadan gift to your favorite al Qaeda network member. These finely constructed and brightly painted George Bush piñatas will bring hours of joy to the most fanatical Taliban-ian. As our unsuspecting "friends" gleefully whack the holy bejeezes out of "George" it releases a "weapons grade", aerosolized (yeah we will show them how it is done!!!), highly potent, genetically engineered dose of anthrax that will impress even the most discerning terrorist.

And now for the poetic legalese… (some requir'd assembelly - read directions carefelly - do not take internelly - Whacking-sticks sold separately)

1MilesWest2, Oct 30 2001


       I doubt you'd need to sell whacking-sticks for use on the giant Bush heads; every Taliban member has at least one of his own. They use their sticks to whack women and girls who take classes or show their feet.   

       However, given the dwindling number of living women and children the Taliban has to whack, your grinning pinatas should be popular ... for a while.   

1percent, Oct 31 2001

       Ahem. We are attacking Afghanistan, not Mexico. (Did your school not teach geography?)   

       And if you ever paid attention to the television footage, you might have noticed the Taliban and their friends tend to burn images, not whack them with sticks.
DrBob, Oct 31 2001

       we are not laying siege to troy either...I choose to think of it as a "culturally eclectic" "high concept"...perhaps we can include a tutorial video to solve the "application of the stick" issues???
1MilesWest2, Oct 31 2001

       Yeah. Including instructional videos for people without televisions seems about right for a country that included instructions on opening the food packets in English, French and German, but not, say, Pashtun.
DrBob, Oct 31 2001

       If someone bothered to manufacture these, there's no doubt in my mind that these would sell like hotcakes... But you'd kill more than just those darned terrorists, given that they're trained not to 'stand out' by burning effigies, beating women, looking different, acting different and the like...   

       Sorry, the humour was lost on me.
sdm, Oct 31 2001

       unabubba: where did you learn arabic? or do you just know the nasty words?   

       croissant for the tilde, fishbone for the idea. not funny.
mihali, Oct 31 2001

       Just how many Talibans are there? 12? 112? 1112? they used to have an army of about 75,000 so there can't be many more after the cave bombing. Let's send them all to Australia where they can enjoy an obviously multi-culti life where there is so much more to do than sweep the cave every 5 minutes.
bobzaguy, Nov 03 2001

       //It makes strong men want to tear off the chador and give the sharmoota a good bit of zibbi.//   

       Sounds like Yiddish to me ...
1percent, Nov 05 2001

snarfyguy, Nov 05 2001

       Hear hear! I attest to the attractive power of a beautiful foot. Damn man, I've seen some nice feet. I think they're underrated in Western culture...
Crazy Bastard, Oct 30 2002

       Giving terrorists access to "weapons grade, highly potent, genetically engineered anthrax" does this seem wrong to anyone else.
Gulherme, Oct 31 2002

       Agreed, [Crazy Bastard]. Foot fetishes - like all fetishes - are weird, but all parts of the body are sexy in their own ways. That can include feet.   

       I take it you'd rather they kick the piñatas?
TerranFury, Feb 20 2004

DesertFox, May 16 2004

       Can I just hit Bush with a stick? Oh wait, guards. I guess I'll let them have a go first.
schematics, May 16 2004


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