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Vet or veto purchase

Online purchases are emailed / SMSed to partner to vet or veto
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Buying things when drunk and/or tired is enjoyable but often random and unsuccessful. If a couple use a joint bank account, online shopping services / auction sites should automatically email or SMS the partner to vet the purchase, or veto it.
joeboon, Oct 08 2011


       Wait a second... was this one posted by [joeboon] or [joeboon]'s partner?
swimswim, Oct 08 2011

       Wow - five years here. One annotation made in 2006, and one idea posted in 2011. That's what I call restraint.   

       However, I prefer your other idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 08 2011

       I can see there being a use for this but I hope never to not trust my wifes' discretion enough to need it.
She gets a kick out of my infrequent purchases drunk or otherwise so it's all good.

       (+) I 'spose.   

       5 years it took you to come up with this. 5 whole years. Agrees with MaxB.
blissmiss, Oct 09 2011

       Counterpoint. I say make them live with it. They knew what they were letting themselves in for before they got drunk.
Ah Supp, Oct 09 2011

       // They knew what they were letting themselves in for before they got drunk. //   

       They knew what they were letting themselves in for before they got married.   

       Divorce lawyers would love this. A recipe for spousal strife if ever there was one.
8th of 7, Oct 09 2011

       Unless one were shopping in a pet store, one's vet would soon get rather a lot of items that they could not use in their professional life treating sick animals.
pocmloc, Oct 09 2011

       You might be surprised what a resourceful veterinarian can make use of in his/her trade. On more than one occasion, my dad has borrowed tools and materials from my welding shop (this is completely unofficial and off-the-record). Also, self-adhering medical tape was invented by a veterinarian, supposedly (though this is likely apocryphal) by putting strips of dried-up lead-free duct tape in the microwave to make it wrinkly.
Alterother, Oct 09 2011


       What kind of halfbakers are you?? The voice that makes you place an order with Trebuchets 'R' Us at 2am is your inner halfbaker trying to make itself heard.   

       Vetting? We don' need no steenking vetting.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 09 2011

       Well put, as usual.
Alterother, Oct 09 2011

       If your partner has been properly chosen, s/he might respond to a sensible drunk purchase with, "honey, you ordered this new pair of slacks at a great discount, but wouldn't that money have been better spent toward a trebuchet range-extender kit?"
swimswim, Oct 09 2011

       To which you could reply "I've already bought the extender kit. That's why I bought two pairs of brown trousers."
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 09 2011

       Hence the value of the Vet/Veto machine, as your partner would reply, "do not forget that you have two trebuchets and but a single range-extender kit."
swimswim, Oct 09 2011

       I guess T.G.F.J. is the 'right' kind of partner for me (in this respect as well as all others), because she would immediately notice the utility of having both short- and long-ranged siege weapons, thus the needless purchase of an extraneous aftermarket kit.   

       She would probably nag me about fixing the ballista as well.
Alterother, Oct 09 2011

       Good job you bought that scold's bridle when you were out of your head on moonshine, then.   

       Consider the following scenario.   

       Female parner goes out shopping with her friends, has a few drinks, sees a pair of shose she likes, and goes to buy them   

       Male partner gets text message. He has to choose YES or NO.   

       If he chooses NO: Partner will be angry with him for stopping her buying the shoes she wanted.   

       If he chooses YES: Partner will be angry with him for allowing her to buy the shoes she wanted, because now she can't afford the dress she wants, and he should have known better.   

       Net result: Irrespective of his choice, the man is in trouble. Yet again.   

       What's wrong with this picture ?
8th of 7, Oct 09 2011

       Nothing's wrong with it. What are you talking about? It's a completely win-win situation.
mouseposture, Oct 09 2011

       I believe the spirit of the post may have been (assuming a heterosexual couple, for point of example) a way for the female to keep the male from PWI*, because as we all no, there is no force in heaven or on Earth that will stop a wife from splurging on a pair of fabulous open-toed wedges.   

       *Purchasing While Intoxicated, a felony crime in most states and Canada.
Alterother, Oct 09 2011

       a bit like the joke where A's spouse B has their credit card stolen and A doesn't call the bank, as the thief is spending much less money than B ever did.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 09 2011

       //What's wrong with this picture ?//   

       Its uncanny similarity to real life.
MikeD, Oct 13 2011


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