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Vibrating Voodoo Suit

its a hoot
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a spandex suit with fitted with small devices that generate vibrations, heat or electic shocks. the suit comes with a *voodoo doll* which acts like the remote control. poking the doll with a special magnetic wand (just in case the dog gets a hold of the doll) will cause a shock or vibration in the corresponding spot on the suit. maybe one could even be fitted with muscle stimulators. so get one for eveyone in the family. they come in funky colors too.
IcarusByNight, Oct 05 2005


       Am I the only one suprised this isn't under "product: sex toy"?
5th Earth, Oct 05 2005

wagster, Oct 05 2005

       <pokes wags on the forehead>
skinflaps, Oct 05 2005

       <gives skinflaps doll to magnetic dog>
wagster, Oct 05 2005

       "Now, Mr. Bond..."
benindubai, Oct 05 2005

       haha magnetic dog...now THATS an idea!
IcarusByNight, Oct 09 2005


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