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A Come As Your Parents party
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The other game posted today (Donner) reminded me of my idea for the worst theme party ever: come as your parent(s).

Just think of it -- the ultimate in-joke that only you (and possibly your siblings) will get, plus you end up with a roomful of dysfunctional-acting people with no context, so everyone will probably end up really really depressed.

mimz, May 17 2007


       //plus you end up with a roomful of dysfunctional-acting people with no context,//   

       I don't want to state the obvious, but what game exactly is being played? I don't really see it. And without an actual game, isn't this just a modified costume party?   

       Not to mention looking like my mother is starting to look like a given, the more I age. No mask needed. GRIM!
blissmiss, May 17 2007

       Considering how far the acron falls, you are probably already doing this without even realizing it.
nuclear hobo, May 18 2007

       er, I guess it is a costume party. I've got to figure out how to categorize stuff better, sorry.
mimz, May 18 2007

       I don't think it's that bad a category, but the idea itself could do with a little work. Now come on, [mimz], we know you can do better than this (as your parents might have said). Consider [Canuck]'s tag-line 'OK, we're here. Now what?'   

       Meanwhile, [nuclear hobo], I'm looking out nervously for falling acrons.
pertinax, May 18 2007

       I'm happy to come as my marvelous Mom as long as someone else is footing the liquor bill!
pigtails_and_ponies, May 18 2007

       [my smarter brother] appears to have disparued entirely. How exciting!
MaxwellBuchanan, May 20 2007

       I like this, almost enough to have one - but as others have said it could do with a little fleshing out.
wagster, May 20 2007

       My parents are totally cool and they were big party-goers in their day. Back in those days, people could drink and drive...but my Dad just made a bar in the basement.
xandram, May 22 2007


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