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Vice Hockey

It's not cricket
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Sport is seen to be a wonderful microcosm of life, and a great educator in the ways of the world. Unfortunately, the lessons it tends to propound (viz. fortune favouring the bold, the indomitability of the human spirit, the importance of fair play etc.) are often at odds with the way things are (viz. fortune favouring the lucky, the fickleness of human nature, and the importance of bending the rules etc.).

Vice Hockey is a sport that aims to redress this problem. Cheating is not just condoned, but positively celebrated as a tribute to human ingenuity (and laziness). With the exception of bribery (too boring) and extreme physical violence (too illegal), nothing is off-limits: radio-controlled pucks, strategically deployed superglue, unconventionally attired cheerleaders to distract the opposition... You get the idea.

Sound unfair, but fun? So's life.

whimsickle, Apr 23 2003

Mutant League Football http://screenmania....1/genesis_0007.html
One of the games I'm talking about. [AfroAssault, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Doesn't this describe Formula 1 racing?
Gordon Comstock, Apr 23 2003

       There's a board game I quite like called Cosmic Encounter that has elements of this. Each player is an alien race trying to take over the other players' planets. There's a fairly simple game sequence in which you do combat. However, every alien race has a special power that allows them to break one of the rules in a specific way. It's really quite clever, and too bad it was never mass-marketed.
krelnik, Apr 23 2003

       The "Wacky Races" philosophy, applied to other sports? The possibilities are endless... +.
friendlyfire, Apr 23 2003

       Mutant League Hockey, for Sega Genesis. Exploding pucks, ref bribing, thin ice (where players fall through and can be seen floating around under the ice for the remainder of the game). They also had Mutant League Football and possibly one other one. There was even a cartoon for a little while.

Players' names included things like Bones Jackson, Slain Deadsky, uhhh.... I can't think of any more. Definitely worth checking out.
AfroAssault, Apr 23 2003


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