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Video AI Therapist

Use video to enhance Eliza.
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The Eliza chatbot therapist was the earliest AI. Chatbots are still fun and have come a long way. I propose that a chatbot could be intergrated with internet video loops to enhance the verisimilitude (yeh! verisimilitude) for the AI therapist.

The AI bots responds to your inquiries (ideally received via voice recognition, for folks who could not type). In the video response, it would show a video of a comforting live therapist actually speaking the words. During the interludes where the AI bot has to come up with a response, it would loop video of the video actor thinking deeply, taking notes, stroking beard, etc until finally he or she responded.

bungston, Apr 13 2007

Chatbot example http://www.jabberwacky.com/
[bungston, Apr 13 2007]


       Clearly it would have to look like Freud. Oh, actually, you could do some crazy things. Have one that looks, and makes suggestions like :   

       Karl Marx   

       Sigmund Freud   

       Tony Hawk   

       Al Sharpton   

       Clint Eastwood   

       Phil Collins (Pre Adult Contemporary)   

       Phil Collins (During Adult Conemporary)   

       Peter Gabriel (Pre Adult Contemporary).   

Night, Apr 13 2007


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