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Video Leveler

A better way to prevent vertical video
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Increase the sensor size in the camera so that it's at least 2203 pixels square (this being the diagonal width of 1920x1080 video). The phone uses its built in orientation sensor to crop the video so it's always horizontal, regardless of the orientation of the camera. This would also provide a measure of anti-jitter, as any accidental rotation would be negated automatically. A smoothing algorithm could take care of any jagged edges that might result from changing the orientation of the pixels.
ytk, Aug 19 2012

Horizon https://www.youtube...watch?v=roag3p3g1r4
[ytk, Jan 15 2014]


       Much simpler to save per-frame tilt angle data in the video stream, and install a motor to rotate the monitor accordingly.
spidermother, Aug 19 2012

       Ahem, much simpler to write an app that uses existing hardware.
DIYMatt, Aug 19 2012

       [spider] That would look great - imagine a gently rocking horizon, as seen from a ship at sea, displayed on a moving monitor which keeps the horizon perfectly level.
hippo, Aug 20 2012

       So apparently this has since been baked. (link)
ytk, Jan 15 2014


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