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Video Route

never be lost again
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There are loads of products out there that describe how one might travel from one place to another either by foot, rail, plane, travel-later, car etc. but it's often a bit dificult to find the place you're looking for, in short, people still get lost even if they've got a great map and instructions.

Enter Video Route

you enter your current location, your destination and your preferred modes of transport and it shows you a video of the route. You can either play it before to familiarise yourself, or, with modern jiggery-pokery, use a smartphone/PDA etc to watch it as you walk/run/drive.

Naturally, you can speed up the video, rewind etc. and you'd obviously have celebratory voice overs and the like

neilp, Jul 31 2003

travel-later http://www.halfbake...m/idea/travel-later
yet another mode of transport [neilp, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Marty Feldman, night in the life of a chartered accountant http://www.televisi...ven.co.uk/marty.htm
reminded me of the sketch where Marty would leave wifey in bed, and would run, drive, swim, fly thousands of miles to be with his mistress in exotic locations. couldn't find a better link. [po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

How the video+ code works http://tallyho.bc.n...teve/videoplus.html
[jonthegeologist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       +. An idea for an improvement though : Not everyone will know their current location which is rather important for your idea. I propose that the start and end locations are coded and printed on your transport ticket [like a travel video+ code]. This could be typed in to the device which would then know which video route to display.
jonthegeologist, Jul 31 2003

       //you'd obviously have celebratory voice overs//   

       "Turn left in 50 metres... 20 metres... You turned left! Hoo-yah!"   

       Or were you thinking of celebrity voice-overs?
friendlyfire, Jul 31 2003

       love it [jtg] and obv. you'd want to build a gps add on, so people could not bother with the play/pause.
neilp, Jul 31 2003

       I predict a sudden rise in the number of head and facial injuries as people walk around with vision fixed on handheld modern jiggery-pokery and therefore not observing lampposts and other obstacles in their path. Unless VideoRoute could take this into account?
hazel, Jul 31 2003

       thanks [friendlyfire], I did indeed been celebrity, but on second thoughts, I think I prefer what I wrote, I think the congraulations might become a little trade-mark of the product, punters will love it.
neilp, Jul 31 2003

       I was thinking it would be nice for those online maps to have First-person pictures of the turns you are supposed to take, along with the birds-eye-view maps.   

       Currently you get a list of directions like this:   

       Turn LEFT on Main St. (3.2 mi).   

       Turn RIGHT on Front St. (1 mi).   

       Continue Straight (4 mi.)   

       It would be nice to see:   

       Turn LEFT on Main St. (3.2 mi). [photo of the intersection with arrows showing your turn drawn on it]   

       Turn RIGHT on Front St. (1 mi). [same kind of photo]
lawpoop, Jul 31 2003

       people who 'walk' sometimes have these kinda maps, with a picture every 5 minutes or so to make sure your not going off track. it's nice.
neilp, Jul 31 2003


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