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WikiGlobe mapsite

Low resolution globe image with various maps
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Say I'm reading about the Iran hostages on Wikipedia and follow the story to the Iran-Contra affair and want to see where Nicaragua is.

Today attached to 'Nicaragua' is a vector image of the globe with Nicaragua colored and all the rest gray. There are borderlines, but no further information.

WikiGlobe (not to be confused with the atlasgold:Wikiglobe image) would show the same globe, but when clicked on, would allow you to rotate the globe, choose different mappings such as country boarders, major landmarks and terrain, weather and other information maps such as natural resources, agriculture, nature etc.

The WikiGlobe will also have links to wp categories - which are lists pertaining to a certain subject, and a low res satelite image.

It can show historical maps as well.

An external link to Google Earth or MS Virtual Earth (perhaps one of the two would pay for connecting in, not sure about the politics that went around that. I do no that Google Search shows Wikipedia articles as default, so the two ARE connected somehow...) and the ability to show multiple versions in disputed areas.

In later versions the WikiGlobe mapsite will have the option to show current lighting, current time (according to time zone), current weather, current disaster areas, and have local maps with pinpointed information, all gathered by the WikiGlobe community.

pashute, Jul 23 2014

My town's cycling map http://www.openstre.../34.9676&layers=CND
on OpenStreetMap [pashute, Jul 27 2014]

Nicaragua useless orthograpic projection https://en.wikipedi...hic_projection).svg
Click the X for the full wikipedia article on Nicragua [pashute, Jul 27 2014]

wikidata - could be included in this idea http://www.wikidata.../Wikidata:Main_Page
the free knowledge base with 15,299,064 items that anyone can edit [mofosyne, Jul 27 2014]


       So basically a globular rendering of OSM?
pocmloc, Jul 23 2014

       Thanks for pointing out OSM. I wasn't aware of it. What do you mean by "Globular Rendering"?   

       The differences I see:
a. OSM is high res. WikiGlobe will mostly NOT be so.
b. OSM is street map information with some layers, WikiGlobe will be multiple source information, including satelite images. The layers will exist, but under a hierarchy.
c. OSM shows maps, while WikiGlobe at its initial state shows the globe and interacts with it.
pashute, Jul 27 2014

       I could imagine it would be useful when combined with wikidata for those that are geotagged.
mofosyne, Jul 27 2014

       It could use wikidata, but not link to it directly.   

       WikiGlobe should be intuitive, attractive looking and with simple interaction.
pashute, Jul 27 2014


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