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Video Tendrils

Remain well-informed, even at yor cubicle
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A half dozen mini video cameras mounted on 2' tentacles by a ball-socket and attaching at the base to a shoulder harness. Each tendril has a prehensile body mechanically operated like an endoscope.*

Each camera reacts to movement or sound, but they work together to capture pics of multiple targets. A wrist monitor has a select button that allows you to shuffle the view between cameras. That and the ("HIDE!") button are the only necessary controls.

When at rest, the tendrils bind together or gently curl around your seat, providing additional back-support.

(*but trained not to act like an endoscope)

FloridaManatee, Mar 06 2003


       I've not quite figured out how they'd sense my emotion.   

       It's not just for cubicle use. It's good for crowds, like raves, golf tournaments and fatal pedestrian traffic accidents.   

       I'd particularly recommend it for raves, when there are too many pretty girls to keep just two eyes on.
FloridaManatee, Mar 06 2003

       Does the word "tendril" give anyone else the Screaming Abdabs, or is just me?
sild, Mar 06 2003

       //(*but trained not to act like an endoscope)//
I'm giving you a croissant just for the mental imagery that postscript conjured up for me.
krelnik, Mar 06 2003

       If you're in Florida, you're going to have to search long and hard to find Florida... (thinks for a bit... yeah, that's what I meant to say)
RayfordSteele, Mar 06 2003

       its a big state to find one manatee?
po, Mar 06 2003


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