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A page that shows all of the taglines and allows you to vote on them and add one (subject to Jutticiary approval). Unapproved taglines get added to [Mostly] lame taglines.

Also, [marked-for-tagline] Subject to Jutticiary approval.

marklar, Jul 17 2007

WayBack machine/(Mostly) Lame Halfbakery Taglines http://web.archive....lfbakery_20Taglines
[Dub, Dec 08 2010]

OT to post - HB on the WB machine http://web.archive....m/ for users/posts/
[Dub, Dec 08 2010]


       I was searching for "[Mostly] lame taglines", saw this idea and thought it looked good. Imagine my delight when I saw that I wrote it.   

       Anyway, where did the [Mostly] lame taglines go? I can't find it.
marklar, Dec 07 2010

       Well, it got deleted from the HB when he did that.
nineteenthly, Dec 07 2010

       [marklar] Linky   

       All good bakers should be proficient in the art of checking - <Linky2> and creating views ... They should be included in an entry exam for members (though that said, I can't see a way of listing just taglines, so I would have failed)
Dub, Dec 08 2010


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