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Vintage Newscaster Imitators

Sort of like tribute bands...
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Can't hear the Beatles? Go hear a 'tribut band' that does their schtick. Sick of hearing Brokaw and Pauley talk about OJ? Howzabout starting a new news service featuring folks that look like, act like and stick to *real* news reported by real reporters like Cronkite and Murrow. Might there be those willing to take on the challenge? Maybe it'll start a trend and cause the Paris Hiltons of the world to drift back into the obscurity they so richly deserve...
Steamboat, Sep 18 2007


       erm, ok, very confusing trail of data just spilled out in the wake of the [Steamboat]. don't know where to begin...   

       is this an elvis-anchorman idea? or is it just fake-casters as the real casters? and why would paris care as long as they are still reporting on her every vapid breath?
k_sra, Sep 18 2007

       Maybe I should leave out the "celebrity" in the description. The idea is that once upon a time the newscasters had editorial control over what went out over the airwaves. Those days are gone and so we've now got a bad case of 'celebrity news'. What's needed are reporters from the era of 'hard news' but they're either dead or retired. I propose editors who use the 'old school' doctrine of featuring 'hard news' and have it read by imitators in the 'old style'.
Steamboat, Sep 18 2007

       Brokaw and Pauley? Did you write this idea in 1978 and just post it now?
krelnik, Sep 19 2007

       OJ? two days ago I would have said who's talking about OJ?   

       Hey [steamboat] try BBC news on your public tv station, they cover the world headlines. US network news makes me nauseous
dentworth, Sep 19 2007


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