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Zombie Flash Hat Blinding Ploy

get a leg up on the pile.
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1. Manufacture and distibute 50,000 souvenir hats containing, behind the front panel:

A. A small battery, capacitors, etc.

B. A radio receiver, properly tuned.

C. A disposable camera flash.

2. Hand them out at the big game (political rally, protest, UFO welcoming party).

3. At an opportune moment, perhaps immediately prior to a (field goal, penalty kick, volley of rubber bullets), trigger the hats.

The result? Hopefully a blinding wall of light temporarily blinding everyone, at exactly the right moment.

For fun, you could use a directional antenna on the trigger, and just sweep it past the crowd. It should be quite a spectacle.

GutPunchLullabies, Oct 30 2006



       Sounds fun. No need to keep it secret, ket everyone know what it does. I'd do it! SO what if a few inquiring geeks manage to trigger it prematurely? It would not detract from the effect of the others triggering ok.   

webfishrune, Oct 30 2006

       A flash will trigger multiple times. Unless you manage to ruin the mechanism, your hat should still go off.   

       And unless you brought your soldering iron, there won't be an easy way to do it yourself, i.e. no "flash" button on the hat itself.   

       Also, I thought of disguising the flash with a little blinky red led light, so people would not be scared of the electronics.
GutPunchLullabies, Oct 30 2006

       Some people will put things on their heads that strangers give them. Others will provide free advertising for rich corporations. I don't fall in either group.
normzone, Oct 30 2006

       No do I, but it would be funny, for example, to see these at some political speech or something, where your politican walks on stage and all of a suden there is booing and a blinding flash of light. When he recovers he opens his mouth to speak and it flashes again. Every time he tries to speak all the hats flash. He then stands their stunned and disorientated and walks off!
webfishrune, Oct 30 2006

       Not sure which politician you could do that to these days. Currently you cannot wear a tshirt with a disapproving slogan without being expelled.
normzone, Oct 30 2006

       Really? If thats the case where you are, i'd move to a free country ;-)   

       Heckling is all part of politics in the UK, you should see video of our houses of parliament.   

       Also, the great thing about this is that if you forget the booing then they would not know you dissapprove until it happens and even then they would take a while to figure it out. Heckling is all part of politics
webfishrune, Oct 30 2006

       Exactly [21], my thoughts exactly.
webfishrune, Oct 30 2006

       Nah, moving is for sissies. You know that old saw about evil and good men doing nothing?
normzone, Oct 30 2006

       More power to your arm, [normzone]. Anyway, it's not just America is it? Anyone remember that old heckler getting chucked out of the UK Labour Party conference under anti-terror legislation?
pertinax, Oct 31 2006


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