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Violent Revolution License

Congratulations! Your application to rise up against the bourgeois bureaucracy, form # 21-zz47016 has been approved!
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We often hear from those who've just read Marx for the first time and decided they want to be the first on their block to throw off the shackles of capitalism and foment a popular uprising of the proletariat. This is especially popular with rich kids fresh back from college looking at a way to get even with daddy for not buying them the right color pony on their 10th birthday. To speed up the process of violent revolution, they should be required to fill out an: "Application For Permit to Overthrow the Duly Elected Government". Require the applicant to have at least a 3rd grade education regarding such matters as agriculture, technology and general infrastructure management. This might head off the little glitch China and Russia suffered when they put intellectuals in charge of feeding the people resulting in tens of millions of newly "liberated" workers starving to death. Plus, imagine the shocked and suprised look on the face of that cute gal you're trying to impress at the bar when you whip out your laminated "License to Overthrow the Bourgeois Bureaucracy" card complete with id picture of you wearing a red star emblazoned beret and holding a plastic AK-47.
doctorremulac3, May 02 2005


       1. Are you or have you ever been a member of a subversive organisation?
2. Is it your intention to overthrow the goverment? If so, why? What parts of the government would you consider overthrowing? If you run out of space below, please continue on any scrap pieces of paper you have lying around. Do not forget to fill in this form in shaky capitals and green ink.
moomintroll, May 02 2005

       What [moomintroll] said.   

       What is it that you've got against your government?
What did they do to you/your family?
Does this application come with a funding scheme, so as that if you run out of money for hosting your (legalised) revolution, you can either put the government back to where they were, or so that you can get started?

       And my main question...   

       Could this work on a smaller scale, eg the large corporation you just know you'd be better at running (not sure as to whether that is theft or just terrorism or something), or taking over the OPPRESSING TEACHERS?   

       You can see what I'm getting at...
froglet, May 02 2005

       Actually, I was just trying to imagine the form you'd have to fill in...   

       [frog] to any good revolutionary, property is theft. And teachers are the very definition of the bourgeios classes. Or would be, if I could spell it.   

       Please type in the name you wish to be known by after the revolution:
Moomintrollissimo, Father of the People.
moomintroll, May 02 2005

       this is kinda stupid, but it has a point, so im not voting either way
craziness, Mar 07 2006


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