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Virtual 3D pool

Every angle covered
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The equipment consists of regular pool cues, a cueball mounted on a concave felt-covered pad with a spring, virtual reality headsets, and a suitably powerful graphics processor.

The player sees the interior of a sphere. Six pockets and associated cushion "islands" are positioned symmetrically and equidustantly over the interior of the sphere at the vertices of a regular octahedron. The cueball starts at the "South pole" of the sphere which corresponds in meatspace with the position of the cueball input device. The "triange" is centred on the "North" pole.

The cue is mapped into the player's visual field by the graphics processor.

When the cueball is played, the system computes the path of the ball over the inner surface and displays the results in real time to the players. Momentum and friction are simulated; "gravity" is always normal to the playing surface.

After the balls have come to rest, the playing surface slowly rotates with respect to a fixed frame of reference to bring the cueball back to the "south pole" without causing disorientation* resulting in dizziness, nausea, staggering, falling over and projectile vomiting.

Walking "round" the sphere allows the game to be viewed from different angles.

*For added entertainment, it is possible to modify the "artificial horizon" parameters on a per-user basis.

8th of 7, Jun 19 2016

Sammer Sail Beh Super Farm https://www.youtube...watch?v=MBtxB_CFjk8
[pashute, Jun 20 2016]


       Sphere? No edges means no "ricochet" shots, which is half the fun.
(Disclaimer: when it comes to pool (and it's relatives), I vary between completely useless and utterly embarassing...)
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 19 2016

       There are portions of linear cushions- constituting "edges" - adjacent to the pockets.
8th of 7, Jun 19 2016

       As I understand it, this is two-dimensional pool played on the inner surface of a virtual sphere.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 19 2016

       Yes. The topology is a curved 2D surface. It's the VR goggles which are the 3D element.
8th of 7, Jun 20 2016

       I can see why your //six pockets// are symmetrically arranged, but why must they have equal amounts of dust?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 20 2016

       Because it would be entirely unfaif if they didn't.
8th of 7, Jun 20 2016


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