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Virtual Friend

For the only-child
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I thought of this when I saw my fiance's nephew, an only-child with a lazy mother who never plays with him. This really made me angry, because I wish someone could play with him, but I can't always be there because he's not my son and I have other responsibilies.

It's a pair of goggles with interactive software, HUD-like capabilities and an earpiece like the one on RAZRWIRE phones. Basically, it allows the child to see everything around him like plain goggles, but it superimposes the image of another friendly child just in front of him, that talks and interacts with him like a video game, playing games like hide-and-seek and tic-tac-toe and telling stories and all sorts of things.

21 Quest, Mar 07 2006


       a better category would be computer:virtual reality.

       Does having a lazy mother exclude this kid from making real friends?
xaviergisz, Mar 07 2006

       Since the *child* is a digital representation of a real person only predetermined situations can be protrayed. Also, how would you play hide and seek?
the fiddler, Mar 07 2006


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