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Virtual Reading Interface

Easy entry to a paperless world
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Recently there has been a rash of ideas about reducing the amount of paper being used for print media and this rash has made me itchy to jump into the fray.

The usual paperless world solutions like email, ebooks, virtual reality glasses all require that one learn a complex interface to do something that they currently do quite easily. So what is needed is a more intuitive interface.

This device is not to be meant to try to fool old people into thinking that they are actually reading the paper. Old people are smarter then that and the ones that aren’t don’t read much anyway. It is meant to provide an interface that mimics the way one is use to reading to make the transition to a paperless world more comfortable.

The metaphor is a paper and reading glasses. You pick up the Hokeyville Gazette, put on the Virtual Reading Glasses and glance at the paper, but actually see a virtual image displayed rather than the text on the paper you are holding. The Virtual Reading Glasses are a Bluetooth devise attached to your computer running the VRG program that can access a variety of media. A newspaper, a book or a sheet of paper can be used to trigger the program.

The VRG program is launched when the Virtual Reading Glasses are put on. Initially a menu appears with a list of available documents. Sliding the glasses up or down on the nose highlights a title in the list and pressing a button on the bridge of the glasses selects the document you want to read. A laser senses if the distance between the paper and the eyes changes and the VPG program enlarges or reduces the image accordingly. Page turning is also sensed and used to move to the next or previous page in the document.

Your reading pretty much the way you always did but using new technology in a paperless world.

theGem, Oct 30 2008

Saving paper. Two color text to save Space and Earth
by -django [theGem, Oct 30 2008]


       I'm not entirely sure as to what the invention is... just a device that activates "reading glasses" when there's a large white object in front ?
FlyingToaster, Oct 30 2008

       Looks to me like augmented reality, it replaces the text on the paper with the interface.
Spacecoyote, Oct 30 2008

       The intuitive interface and the hardware to do it are the invention. Manipulating the glasses and the paper in a similar way as you do when you're reading controls the program.   

       An example is the Wii controller that you swing to swing the bat rather moving a level with your thumb. The motion you use to control the program is more intuitive and therefore easier to learn and master.
theGem, Oct 30 2008

Texticle, Oct 30 2008

       Cool , a reuseable blank paper that can be any paper in the historic database . It would look abit strange if you didn't know about the glasses .
wjt, Oct 30 2008

       // You're. //   

       [Texticle] Am I missing something here? Don't understand your anno I'm new on the block.
theGem, Oct 31 2008

       //in a similar way as you do when *your* reading controls the program.//   

Spacecoyote, Oct 31 2008

       Thanks [Space] I'm not only new on the block but a little slow too. Is "there." another spelling error ?
theGem, Oct 31 2008


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