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Virtual Zen App

A finger pointing at the moon
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This is an idea for an iPhone app. The app is a compass for locating the moon. There is not any practical use that I can imagine.

Using GPS location, or possibly even ZIP code, the app employs the aid of the accelerometer to help you point your phone directly at the moon, day or night. Someone must know where the moon is, was, and will be, and they've probably got a set of equations to help with the programming.

I think we can all agree it would be nifty to display the phase of the moon that we're trying to locate.

Zen is a finger pointing at the moon. If you look at the finger, you'll miss the point. Nothing simpler.

ShaneSezWhat, Jan 21 2010

Halfbakery: Invisible Finger Invisible Finger
My take on the theme. [zen_tom, Jan 21 2010]

Starwatching_20glasses [hippo, Jan 21 2010]


       I rather like this, and can see it coming to fruition if we can believe the futurologist's claims that Augmented Reality (AR) is going to be the next big thing. I can imagine an astronomy app that when held up to the sky, displays all the astronomic features, in situ - like looking through a window.   

       If held up to the moon, you might see a representation of the moon on the device's display, obfuscating the real moon.
zen_tom, Jan 21 2010

       Nice idea - I imagine a little 'moon indicator' constantly visible in a corner of your iPhone screen.

[zen] see link
hippo, Jan 21 2010


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