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Virtual tutor

I don't need to hear it I want to see it
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There are quite a few aids that allow people to learn a tune, sheet music, tabs (for guitar), cd's etc.

I thought it would be a good idea to have a system that would allow me to convert sheet music/tabs to sound (and then I saw my cousin listen to a CD when he got stuck). If listening to the tune doesn't work then you usually need someone to show you how (over and over again while you practice).

So I propose a program that converts sheet music/tabs into an animation of someone playing a guitar (or the instrument of choice).

madness, Jul 13 2004


       Tablature pretty much does that, no? Put your fingers where the dots are, rinse and repeat.
angel, Jul 13 2004

       True, it does do that... I forgot to mention that the animation should be accompanied by sound... I am not sure why having someone play something for me gives me slightly more information than the tab...
madness, Jul 13 2004


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